About Us

The Cowell Ute Club was formed on July 12th 2008. We arrange activities for people interested in utes, general automobiles and sports. The Clubs aims to encourage goodwill, friendship and communication between members of this Club and other Clubs which have like aims and objectives.

The Cowell Ute Club is a not for profit Club, donating to charities such as Angel Flight. We also offer the service of the Club, its members and vehicles to charitable organisations.

Our activities include cruises, attending ute musters in SA, barbeques and social events.

Our main event each year has been the Cowell Ute Muster and Country Music Festival.
Our aim is to bring as many utes and trucks together as possible for showing and judging, followed by a Country Music Festival featuring high quality national artists and entertainers at a affordable price to all with net proceeds going to Angel Flight. The next event will be held on Saturday 11th of March 2017. Free Camping avalible.

If you enjoy Utes, sports or are a general automobile enthusiast, join the Cowell Ute Club! For further information, visit our Membership page.

Committee Members for 2016/2017


Our long term aims are to make the Ute Muster and Concert an annual event, promote our Club, increase our membership, continue to expand our involvement with the local community, other charities and travel to various towns outside the local area.

Community Support

The community has benefited from the Ute Muster and Concert in several ways. All accommodation in Cowell, 2 hotels, 1 motel, 2 caravan parks, several holiday cottages, cabin park and shacks at Lucky Bay were booked out. Neighbouring towns of Cleve and Arno Bay were heavily booked. All businesses in Cowell benefitted enormously days before and after the event. Fuel, food, clothing, papers and refreshments were purchased, to name a few. On event day businesses are invited to attend and participate.

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